Thursday, December 11, 2014

Antonio Piñero's Book On The Life Of Jesus

TWH: Antonio Piñero gave me one of his books back in October when I was in Madrid. The title of the book is La Vida de Jesús a la Luz de los Evangelios Apócrifos. I went through and translated the first paragraph of the prologue this evening. Care to read it? Here you go:
"There have been hundreds of works dealing with the life of Jesus according to the canonical Gospels since the Middle Ages. Beyond that, there have been numerous fictional accounts in story form, fruits almost entirely from the imagination of their authors. And, in our day and age, their number has continued to grow. The present book also deals with the life of Jesus, but from a peculiar vantage point. The first part of this book only deals with the 'hidden life' of the Nazarene, which is to say, the period from Jesus’ birth to the time of his public appearance in Galilee shortly after 'the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar' (Luke 3:1) according to the canonical sources, the first two chapters of the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The second part of the book also provides an account of Jesus’ life, but one usually unknown to readers of the New Testament. The second part relies exclusively on the apocryphal Gospels, i.e., those that have not been received as 'canonical' or 'inspired.' I must point out that this hidden life, which we might better refer to as the life systematically ignored by the Church, also covers aspects beyond the Nazarene’s childhood, aspects which have usually been hidden from the knowledge of the faithful." 

 Piñero, Antonio. La Vida de Jesús a la Luz de los Evangelios Apócrifos. Spain: Los Libros del Olivo, 2014.

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