Friday, December 12, 2014

Some Chatter About The Blog

The word is spreading about this blog. And Antonio and I are very excited to see the interest growing. Henry Neufeld with Energion Publications wrote the following yesterday over at his blog:
"My friend Thomas Hudgins is starting a new blog, which will have material from two radically different points of view. I’d love to see more of this sort of thing—people of substantially different views actually communicating! Check out Across the Atlantic."
And David Alan Black posted this over at Dave Black Online this evening:
"As is often said, biblical exegesis is nothing other than the art of asking questions about the text. But the questions we ask (or fail to ask) always reflect assumptions and biases on our part. I do hope that this new blog will be a valuable prolegomenon to our own reading and study of the text, helping us to assess and evaluate the presuppositions we all bring to it. To that end, I wish it well."
Hey, Sharp from Reddit!Thanks for posting a link to the blog on Reddit Christianity section. Sharp wrote this: "Please, notice that I'm not the author of this blog. I put the link because i'm interested in the subject and i thought /r/Christianity would appreciate it."

Help us get the word out. Send a link using your Facebook. Tweet a link to the blog. Link to it on your blog. We'd appreciate it!

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