Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Resource On Exegesis (In English And Spanish)

TWH: I have a little handout that I always share with my students at Capital Seminary and Graduate School. It's called "The Ten Exegetical Steps," and I've just recently translated it into Spanish ("Los diez pasos de la exégesis"). If you're interested in downloading it in English, click here. If you'd prefer to see it in Spanish, click here.

This resource walks you through ten steps in the exegetical process: (1) historical analysis, (2) literary analysis, (3) textual analysis, (4) lexical analysis, (5) syntactical analysis, (6) structural analysis, (7) rhetorical analysis, (8) biblical and theological analysis, (9) main idea of the text, and (10) teaching outline. My students always appreciate this resource. It's not exhaustive (by no means whatsoever) or even infallible, but hopefully some of you will find it useful as well in your study of the New Testament.

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