Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Upcoming Trip To Peru

TWH: I'll be traveling to Peru this Sunday to teach at Universidad SEL. I'll be teaching one week in Lima and one week in Cucso. The course will be Greek Exegesis of Philippians. I'm thoroughly looking forward to spending time with the students in Peru. I can't wait really. One of the reasons I wanted to share all of this with you is it will affect in some ways my ability to post on the blog while I'm out of the country. I'm not exactly sure what my schedule is going to look like during the daytime, and I'll be teaching in the evenings. I'm hoping to post while I'm away, but if there is some blogosilence, I know you'll understand. We appreciate each time you visit Across the Atlantic. I am really enjoying this blog a lot. It's interesting to work through the different resources that Antonio has available on his own personal website, and this blog offers something rather unique by contrasting that perspective with that of an evangelical Christian.

I'm really thankful for the comments on the blog, too. Let me encourage each of you to chime in via the comments section if there's something you'd like to say or ask.