Saturday, February 21, 2015

Finishing Up A Greek Grammar In Spanish

TWH: The past two days have been concentrated entirely on finishing up David Alan Black's Learn to Read New Testament Greek. Some of you might not know that I (along with a team of friends) have translated Dave's grammar into Spanish. I've been looking forward to the day when we finally get to see it in print, and we are finally almost there. I read through the final proofs this week and sent my notes and corrections over to the publisher yesterday evening.

I knew when I was down in Peru that the final proofs would be waiting on me when I got home to the States. Well, if you wondered where the new post was for the past couple of days, now you know what I was up to. I've just been getting this grammar finished up. I still have to do the indexing, but I don't anticipate having the proofs for indexing until Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Here are some fun details about Aprenda a leer el griego del Nuevo Testamento:
1. Antonio PiƱero did a thorough read and revision of the entire manuscript. We are extremely thankful for his willingness to strengthen the quality and readability of this translation. It is a world-class manuscript now!
2. The print edition will be 8.5x11, and have more of a "workbook" type feel. Grammars are reference and study resources. They are different than other types of books that we just sit down and read. My grammars on my shelf show wear and tear like no others. The reason for the larger size for this grammar is we hope it will extend the life of the book's binding, etc. 
3. Digital editions of this book will be available for less than $1. We want the whole Spanish-speaking world, if they are interested in learning New Testament Greek, to use this grammar. You cannot beat less than a $1. 

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