Monday, March 27, 2017

Announcing A New (Very Short) Book On Textual Criticism

TWH: Henry Neufeld at Energion wrote me this week to let me know that my little primer on New Testament textual criticism is now published and available for the world to enjoy. The title is Those Footnotes in Your New Testament: A Textual Criticism Primer for Everyone. Grab an English translation like the Christian Standard Bible or the International Standard Version, and flip through the New Testament, paying special attention to the footnotes that mention manuscripts. By the way, I mention the CSB and ISV simply because they have the most (you'd be surprised how little the "literal" translations include, a point I address in the book!). Well, this book exists because those footnotes exist. Why in the world are they there? Get ready and enjoy. You can grab a copy now on Kindle (see here) or Google Play (see here). Other formats, including a print edition will be available shortly.

Here's the book description:
Have you ever seen a passage in the New Testament that was placed in brackets, or a footnote at the bottom of a page referring to "ancient authorities" or "manuscripts"? Most people scratch their heads and just keep reading, but these notes are very important. So is understanding why they're even there. In this short introduction, Thomas W. Hudgins explains for the average reader the need for, criteria of, and some misconceptions associated with New Testament textual criticism.

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