Monday, March 20, 2017

Antonio Piñero's Latest Article In National Geographic

TWH: National Geographic has a magazine called National Geographic History. Some in our audience may not know that Antonio Piñero is one of the editors and contributors. His latest contribution in the March-April 2017 volume is titled "Seeking the Hidden Gospels: The Forbidden Books of the Gnostics." If you're interested, you can pick up a copy of this magazine basically anywhere magazines are sold. I was just at the grocery store here in Washington, D.C. and there it was on the magazine rack. Here's the abstract:
"Lost in the desert for centuries, ancient texts have revealed new dimensions to a familiar story: The life and lessons of Jesus. These books were written by the Gnostics, an early sect of Christianity rejected as heretical by the church in the second and third centuries. Denounced and mocked at the time, these Gnostic works are now providing an intriguing insight into the formation of the Christian church." 
It's definitely an interesting read. Pick a copy up and take a look.

If you want to read his article "How King Herod Transformed the Holy Land" online, just click here.

(Someone is going to write, so I'll go ahead and answer the question . . . You can't get the new article online. A subscription is needed to view the one on the hidden Gospels online, otherwise you'll need to pick up a physical copy.)

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