Wednesday, June 7, 2017

The Bible: Legends and Fantasy Or Historical?

Question: How would you describe the Bible: A bunch of legends or historical?

AP: The Bible, apart from legends and fantasies that were biased by the Jewish people, is a book that contains a great deal of useful historical data. It's usefulness, though, is seen only after we subject it to rigorous critical analysis. In addition, fantasy or not, the Bible is the foundation of our literary and artistic culture here in the West. Those who live in the West are Christians by culture. Why aren't there more Buddhists in the West? The answer is––the Bible. One cannot understand the cultural and factual history of the West apart from the Bible. We can't forget that.


TWH: Inerrant. Wholly trustworthy. A collection of texts whose origin is unlike any others in the history of the world. Because their origin reaches beyond the individuals who wrote them down, they are the only texts in the world of which we can and should expect veracity unlike the texts of the world. They are situated in history, just like every other text of history. (In other words, they have an author, provenance, date, surrounding socio-cultural and political atmospheres, etc.) But they are totally different because of their divine origin. And that means that the texts bear the imprint of the God from whom they originate. If the Bible comes ultimately from God (e.g., 2 Tim. 3:16), then we should expect accuracy and truth in what it communicates, and this includes historical matters.

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